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Nick Baker

Designer and QA


Hello World. My name is Nick Baker and the mission of this website is to persuade you that I would be a contributing member of your game development company. My degree is in game development specializing in Production and Design, so naturally those are the disciplines I gravitate toward. I also have a good knack for quality assurance, something they don't typically teach in school as a course, but a skill that is learned in the trenches of game development. Let's cut to the chase though, below are quick overviews of games I've made. In the toolbar above you can see more information on those games. 



A 2.5D side action side scroller for the Android platform. Player uses touch screen input to control the missile to destroy mines and other objects that are putting earth in jeapordy.

Scuba Abe

Scuba Abe and Robert E. Lee have crash landed onto Earth from Water Planet 7. In the jungles of Kentucky, they have lost one another and gone their separate ways, only to be reunited hundreds of years later.

Up vs Down

A deathmatch style game where all players try to reach the center of the labyrinth to become the trapmaster. The trapmaster oversees the map and triggers traps killing the players below. New trapmaster is awarded when another player reaches the center.

Space Thieves

2D android game built in Unity. Play as a hero shooting super powered boomerangs granted by the greek god Zeus to defeat Kamikaze Aliens trying to destroy earth. This game was created before the final scene of Guardians of the Galaxy.

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