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Nick Baker

Designer and QA


Destructafun (2011)
Dev Time: 3 months
Role: Solo Project
Platform: Android
Engine: Unity3d

Game Summary

You play as a missile that is constantly moving forward. The missile lives off of destruction, so destroying objects increases the player's health. Health is constantly going down. The main object is to try and hit all the objects so the player's health doesn't reach zero and blow up. Also, the player must avoid large environmental structures to avoid blowing up.

Developer's Summary

This game was developed in three months. Prior to this, I had no mobile experience and decided I would make a game by myself. I wanted to start my own business and hopefully this game would help launch that goal. The mission was to come out with Destructafun 2, and to have other professionals that I could pay to make that happen along with much more content.

Here is the Android version of the city level. Due to the constraints of the GPU of mobile platforms, I had to take screenshots of 3d objects, photoshop them, then scroll stack them in the background giving the effect of 3d objects. 3d objects in the foreground also help this illusion.

This is the PC version of the city level in early stages. This used actual 3d models in the background. Unfortunately, this had to be changed when moving onto the mobile platforms.

Here is the desert level. As I started developing for the mobile platform, I learned that less is more. This desert level is filled with 3d assets and it runs on the Android just fine. Opposed to the city level that had too many polys on the screen.