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Nick Baker

Designer and QA

Scuba Abe

Scuba Abe (2011)
Dev Time: 3 months 
Primary Role: Level Designer
Secondary Roles: Animator, Programmer, Modeler
Platform: PC
Engine: Unity3d

Game Summary

The platforms through the level while shooting enemies. Similar mechanics as megaman, the player has unlimited ammo with their spear gun. The game is set in pre-historic Kentucky where Dinosaurs still roam the Earth. Running, jumping, and shooting are the main components to gameplay.

Developer's Summary

This was a school project. There were 5 people on this team that were also creating this game while attending other demanding classes. We had a lead programmer, two artists, 1 artist/producer, and I did a large amount of programming and artwork but was mainly the level designer.

This is a shot of Scuba Abe heading to a secret location in the level. After hopping on top of the bridge, there is a secret area that is difficult to get to, but at the top there is a treasure that greatly increases your score.

This is the beginning of the stage. There is a crash landed spaceship with smoke particles and a "Welcome to Kentucky" sign. I was responsible for the production of both. From the particles to the texturing. 

A look at the environment this game was developed in. This is an early shot of the the framework that was being used to design the levels. The level design was my primary responsibility on this project.
Lexington, Kentucky