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Nick Baker

Designer and QA

Space Thieves

Space Thieves (2014)
Engine: Unity
Platform: Android
Role: Design, Programming, Art
Dev Time: 6 months (Part time)

Game Summary

Arcade based survival shooter. Users try to get the highest score possible and compete in leaderboards against the world. If one alien gets past the user, the game is over and they must restart similar to a game like Arkanoid. The boomerangs are thrown based on where the user touches the mobile screen. 

Developer's Summary

When Flappy Bird took the world by storm, I got inspired to make something that would be simple yet addicting. I wanted the collisions to be precise and the player to feel like the game was not working against them, but was still challenging. This is designed for short play sessions of 2-5 minutes. It's those situations where you don't want to get invested in something, but you are bored.