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Nick Baker

Designer and QA

Up Vs. Down

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Up Vs Down (2011)
Engine: UT3
Platform: PC
Dev Time: 10 weeks
Role: Modeler/Content Integration

Game Summary

Game was designed for 5-7 players. All players spawn at different corners of the map and are equipped with slow guns. These guns cause other players to move slower, as the main goal is a race to the center. Once one player reaches center, all other players are respawned to different corners of map. The "trapmaster" is on top of the map looking down at all the players, triggering traps all over the level. This is the only way a player can score points.

Developer's Summary

Up Vs. Down was a UT3 mod created for a class. My main role was a modeler and ensuring that those art assets were properly integrated into the gameplay. I was responsible for placing the gun onto the correct bones of the model once imported into UT3 and also had to assign animations to the model. Prior to this game, I had no experience weighing models and attaching bones, so most of it was learned on the spot.